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Internal rules

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Basic rights of the patient

Each patient has the right to respect, dignity, considerate approach and respect for privacy in the provision of health care services. A minor patient under the age of 15 may only be treated in the presence and with the consent of his / her legal guardian or a person designated by the legal guardian (except emergency care). A minor patient over the age of 15 may be treated without the presence of his / her legal guardian if he / she has his / her written consent.
The patient has the right to request a second opinion from a provider or healthcare professional other than the physician currently treating him / her.
A patient with a sensory disorder using a specially trained dog has the right to be escorted by the dog in the health care facility. The presence of an assistant dog must not restrict the provision of health care or restrict the rights of other patients.

Registration to a dentist

The medical facility provides full-scale dental care only to registered patients. Unregistered patients are only provided urgent health care if the patient's registered physician is not available. The patient can apply for registration if it has been more than 3 months since he or she was previously registered with another physician. In the case of minors, their legal guardians are required to register.
The registering physician decides about the acceptance of the registration by confirming the registration sheet. In the event of a patient's refusal due to capacity reasons, the patient is entitled to receive a confirmation of this refusal and the reasons given to him by the provider on request.
If a patient fails to attend the facility for preventive care for two years or longer, he or she is deemed to have sought another dentist who has re-registered him or her (the patient has ceased to provide the necessary co-operation for the further provision of health services). In such cases the provision of the health care service is terminated.

Opening hours

Opening hours are published at the entrance to the health facility as well as on the website Receiving patients for treatment ends 30 minutes before the end of the physician’s working hours.

Making an appointment

The patient can make an appointment for registration, examination, or a preventive check-up by telephone or in person at the reception. The term of the treatment itself is arranged directly with the physician or nurse according to the complexity of the procedure.
The patient with an appointment reports at the reception upon arrival.
The appointment time is the time from which the patient waits for a physician's examination. If possible, patients with an appointment are invited to the surgery at the time they ordered. The staff of the facility always try to minimize waiting times for patients. However, they must always take care of the privacy and health of the patients during treatment.
During waiting, patients can use the facilities of the waiting room and the toilets. It is forbidden to bother patients with excessive noise or other inappropriate behavior, damage or take away waiting room equipment, including magazines.
Smoking is forbidden throughout the entire health care facility.
Patients are provided with a private car park free of charge. Drivers are obliged to behave with caution, to keep a safe distance between the vehicles in the car park and not to block the exit of other visitors of the facility. Parking is only allowed during the visit to the facility.
If the patient for some reason cannot appear for the booked appointment, he or she will excuse themselves by telephone or in person at least twelve hours in advance of the scheduled procedure, so that the reserved time can be used by other patients.

Acute care

In the case of acute difficulties, it is necessary to first report by phone or personally at the reception. Every day there is some room allocated for acute treatment. Reception will always offer patients the closest free term for acute care, but it does not have to be the same day.

Provision of health services

If the patient pays for treatment through health care insurance, he or she is obliged to present the card of his or her health insurance company at the reception. If the patient is unable to prove his / her identity and validity of his / her health insurance, our clinic is not obliged to provide health care services. Cases of the necessity of urgent care are an exception.
The physician's examination takes place in the surgery where the patient enters upon the nurse's call. The physician provides the patient with a medical service only with his / her consent, or with the consent of his / her legal guardian. Both the physician and the nurse are obliged to respect the physician-patient privilege, to use the information obtained only for the provision of health services for the benefit of the patient and to provide them only to persons who are designated by generally binding regulations. An exception to the obligation of confidentiality is communication between healthcare workers.

Notification of changes

The patient or his / her legal guardian shall notify his / her registering physician within 8 days of any change to the health insurance company, change in the type of health insurance, change of residence and telephone number, and serious change in health.

Payment for services

In the office, in addition to care covered by public health insurance, the physician provides care and examinations not covered by this scheme. The pricelist of these procedures is available in the waiting room or at A complete pricelist is available on request at the office. The individual treatment options and the price proposal are communicated to the patient based on a pre-performance examination.
The patient is obliged to pay the provider the cost of the services and prosthetic works according to the valid price list. Refusal to pay is inconsistent with the internal rules and is the reason for terminating the services provided to the patient.

Rejection of a patient's treatment by a physician

If this is not an acute case of an at-risk patient, staff have the right to refuse to treat a patient who has the flu, upper respiratory tract inflammation, tonsillitis, herpetic infection of the lip or the oral mucosa or another infectious disease.
Medical staff have the right to discontinue the provision of a medical service prematurely or to refuse to treat a patient who is showing signs of intoxication by alcoholic beverages or addictive substances.
A patient suffering from Hepatitis C, AIDS, and similar chronic illnesses will alert the physician and nurse of their infectious disease. He or she will then be treated in a special mode.

Termination of provision of health services

A healthcare facility may terminate the provision of healthcare to a patient who severely restricts the rights of other patients, deliberately and consistently fails to comply with the proposed treatment or does not follow the internal rules.
Repeated unexcused absences (i.e., at least a second absence in six months that was not reported in advance or was reported less than twelve hours prior to the scheduled procedure) will be considered a violation of these internal rules, thus justifying termination of healthcare provision to a patient.
The physician has the right to refuse or discontinue the treatment of the patient if the patient's requirements contradict the professional or ethical beliefs of the physician.
This internal order is valid from 6.2.2017
MUDr. Ondřej Gojiš, Ph.D. - Chief Clinic Officer