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Teeth as straight as a string of pearls
30.4. and 7.5.2018, the clinic in Šeberov is closed
Teeth as straight as a string of pearls
Shining already during the treatment with invisible braces
The state-of-the-art way to fix crooked teeth using innovative 3D technology
Invisible braces Invisalign
Magic smile
with invisible braces
State-of-the-art therapy using innovative 3D technologies
New blood in our dermatology department
Since 1st February 2018, MUDr. Nikola Papoušková has been part of our dermatology team.

You can make an appointment with her at the clinic's reception.
Closedown of the clinic in Kunratice
MUDr.Vlasta Stádníková
MUDr.Vanda Harantová
have been operating in Šeberov since 1st January 2018

The Kunratice office has been closed for technical reasons.
Extension of the office hours of our orthodontics office
Since 1st September 2017 we have extended the office hours of the orthodontics office led by MUDr. Martin Linka. We are registering new child and adult patients for orthodontics.
Suspension of registration
Until further notice, we are suspending the registration of new patients for pediatric dentistry.
Reimbursement of dental hygiene
An overview of dental hygiene reimbursement.

For more information click here
Suspension of patient registration for orthodontics
For reasons of limited capacity, we are suspending the registration of new patients for orthodontics. Registration is suspended until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.
Expansion of technological equipment
Ambicare Clinic Prague 4 Šeberov has expanded its technical equipment with the latest 3D CT SCAN - GXDP-700 ™ with 3D CBCT in connection with the implantology program. More information here
Panorama prenatal test
Non-invasive test of the most common chromosomal fetal defects from free DNA. Learn more at Pregnancy Services
Loans for dental procedures
We offer loans for dental procedures. More information here
The office of chief physician MUDr. Pipka
Since 1st May 2016, the gynecological and obstetric practice of chief physician MUDr. Pipka has moved to Ambicare clinic, Prague 4 Šeberov.