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Dental care

Your satisfaction is our priority. We do everything we can so that you always feel comfortable and happy to come back to us again. We focus on professional approach and quality of care that draws on the most up-to-date knowledge. Therefore, you can be sure that we use our state-of-the-art technology at our clinic to ensure that our physicians always provide the best possible treatment for you.

Provided services

Dental hygiene

Professional dental hygiene by a dental hygienist is the basis of preventive dental care.

Teeth whitening

We offer tooth whitening using the Philips ZOOM technology, which combines the effects of whitening gel and blue light.

Cosmetic dentistry

At our clinic we offer comprehensive services in the area of aesthetic reconstruction of your teeth.


We provide professional treatment in the field of fixed and removable dental prostheses.

Dental implants

At our clinic we offer a comprehensive solution for dental implants and stomatosurgical procedures.

Microscopic endodontics

Microscopic endodontics focuses on the treatment of the internal space of the tooth and its root canals using a microscope.


You can decide at any age to get treatment of irregular teeth using braces. Extra attention is paid to orthodontic treatment of defects in children at the time of eruption of permanent teeth.

Services for physicians

We offer our dentist colleagues to use modern OPG x-ray and CBCT examinations, endodontic treatment under a microscope and more.

Medical team

Doc. MUDr. Eva Gojišová / Chief physician - dentistry
odb. as. MUDr. Magdalena Koťová, Ph.D. / Chief physician - orthodontics
odb. as. MUDr. Tomáš Hlaďo / Expert Physician - child Dentistry
MDDr. Martin Linka / Expert Physician - orthodontics
MDDr. Sabina Chlupová / Expert Physician - orthodontics
Aneta Kulhavá / Dental hygienist, dental nurse
Monika Hendrichová / Orthodontic assistant
Michaela Doležalová / Dental nurse
Michaela Slavíková / Orthodontic assistant
Kateřina Zikánová / Dental nurse

Opening hours

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Dental hygiene
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Health care procedures pricelist

The price of each procedure is affected by a number of factors. Only on the basis of a detailed examination of the client and determination of the exact diagnosis is it possible to determine the kind of procedure, its details, the technical and time requirements and finally its price.
This is a simplified pricelist of the most common procedures. A complete pricelist can be found at the dentist's office.
Dental procedures
Complex entrance examination
covered by health insurance
Preventive check-up (twice a year)
covered by health insurance
Intraoral RVG scan; OPG scan (once in 2 years)
covered by health insurance
Local anesthesia
covered by health insurance
Tooth extraction
covered by health insurance
CBCT (3D x-ray)
1 000 CZK
Consultation with the dentist (30min)
800 CZK
Amalgam filling
1 400 - 1 700 CZK
Glass ionomeric fillin
1 200 - 1 500 CZK
Composite (white) filling
1 700 - 3 700 CZK
Endodontic treatment of root canals
from 3 000 CZK
Endodontic treatment under a microscope
8 500 - 16 000 CZK
Metal-ceramic tooth crown
9 300 CZK
All-ceramic dental crown
8 200 - 11 000 CZK
Composite on-lay
7 200 CZK
Ceramic tooth veneer
11 000 CZK
Partial removable skeletal denture
from 9 200 CZK
Unexcused failure to attend an appointment with the dentist
1 200 CZK
Implantological procedures
Nobel Biocare Implant
from 18 500 CZK
The Dentis implant
14 100 CZK
Crown for implant
from 14 900 CZK
Dental hygiene
Dental hygiene
1 200 - 1 800 CZK
Home whitening of teeth
4 500 CZK
Whitening of teeth at our clinic
7 100 CZK
Unexcused failure to attend an appointment with the dental hygienist
800 CZK
Orthodontic performances
Orthodontic consultation
1 100 CZK
Removable metal braces
3 200 CZK
Fixed braces with metal locks
21 500 CZK
Fixed braces with ceramic locks
31 500 CZK

Health insurance companies we cooperate with

OZP - Oborová zdravotní pojištovna Revírní bratrská pokladna - zdravotní pojišťovna Zdravotní pojišťovna Ministerstva vnitra ČR Zaměstnanecká pojišťovna Škoda  Česká průmyslová zdravotní pojišťovna Vojenská zdravotní pojišťovna Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna České republiky