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Invisible braces

The state-of-the-art way to fix crooked teeth using innovative 3D technology
The Invisalign invisible braces are a cutting-edge treatment using innovative 3D technology and a system consisting of a set of completely invisible foils. Invisalign foil braces have the same effect as classic braces. They gently move the teeth to the desired position. However, nobody will even notice them on your teeth. You can see your future smile even before you start treatment. Invisible braces are very popular both in Western Europe and the US. Try them too to experience their advantages!
Invisible braces for adults can be applied only by certified orthodontists. Our experts at Ambicare are among these specialists. The alignment of your teeth is painless and applied based on an individual plan containing precise tooth movements and duration of treatment. In addition to patients with severe dental defects, braces can be applied to anyone.

What are their advantages?

Almost invisible

The braces are clear, transparent, absolutely imperceptible.

Easy tooth cleaning

Thanks to easy cleaning, the risk of tooth decay is lowered.


You can remove your braces comfortably whenever you need to.

Comfortable treatment

The film does not apply excessive pressure against the teeth, so they can be cleaned comfortably.

The course of treatment with invisible braces

  1. We will create digital images of your teeth and prepare a 3D plan of braces
  2. The physician will suggest an individual treatment plan containing precise tooth movements and duration of treatment
  3. Using a state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, a set of tailor-made braces is made for you
  4. You wear the braces every day for at least 22 hours
  5. After 2 weeks, you will be replacing the braces yourself
  6. You undergo an examination every 8-12 weeks.
  7. The duration of the treatment depends on the severity of the condition and lasts for 9 to 18 months
As you can see, wearing invisible braces will not affect your life in any significant way. Come to us for your radiant smile. Just contact us and together we can set off on the journey leading to your straight teeth.

I want Invisalign braces

Great! You have just decided you want a change. We will straighten your crooked teeth with invisible braces and in a few months, you will be charming your surroundings with a beautiful smile. Fill in the contact form and we will arrange your treatment.