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In dermatology we provide comprehensive examination, diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. At our clinic, we focus primarily on the treatment of skin tumors, including malignant melanoma. In the event of a positive finding, we are able to provide follow-up treatment including follow-up at a faculty hospital. Using a digital dermatoscope, we examine birthmarks, freckles and other skin issues. We use a variety of modern methods to remove freckles, scars and marks, including a laser that does not leave undesirable scars. We also provide monitoring to patients with rash, eczema and other systemic skin diseases.
For dermatology we do not have a contract with insurance company 213.

Provided services

Diagnosis and therapy of skin and sexual diseases of adults and children
Dermatoscopic examination of birthmarks - manual and digital dermatoscopy
Prevention and therapy of skin cancer
Hair Loss - diagnosis and therapy of increased hair loss, digital phototrichogram, mesotherapy
Excision of pigmented nevi with histological evaluation
Excision of the skin and subcutaneous structures, warts
Probatory excision
Removal of neoplasms using electrocautery
Removal of neoplasms using excochleation

Medical team

Opening hours

MUDr. Dominika Diamantová, Ph.D.
14:00 - 19:00
14:30 - 19:00
MUDr. Nikola Papoušková
8:00 - 14:30
8:00 - 14:30

Health care pricelist

The price of each procedure is affected by a number of factors. Only based on a detailed examination of the client and determination of the exact diagnosis is it possible to determine the kind of procedure, its details, the technical and time requirements and thus its price.
Dermatological procedures
Initial examination in an uninsured patient
1 600 CZK
Checkup in an uninsured patient
1 100 CZK
Examination of marks with a digital dermatoscope (for uninsured patients on request)
1 000 CZK
Consultation - cosmetic surgery
Personal consultations in times other than the opening hours
1 600 CZK
Examination (consultation in German or English in an uninsured patient)
1 600 CZK
Botulotoxin: treatment
3 500 - 7 000 CZK
Botulotoxin: hyperhidrosis: soles, palms
10 000 - 20 000 CZK
Skin excision without histology up to 2 cm
1 700 CZK
Skin excision without histology over 2 cm
2 900 - 3 500 CZK
Histological examination
900 CZK
Extrusion of lipoma
1 600 - 3 100 CZK
Surface anesthesia (EMLA) depending on scope, from 5g
from 600 CZK
Removal of one skin neoplasm with a crauter (1-2 mm)
550 CZK
Removing 1 skin area with a crauter (above 2 mm)
850 and above CZK
Laser (1 neoplasm) according to lesion scale / character up to 0.5 mm
1 600 CZK
Laser (1 neoplasm) according to lesion scale / character above 0.5 mm
1 900 CZK
Laser of a fraction depending on range 1x manifestation
1 100 - 5 000 CZK
Mesotherapy of hair depending on scope
1 600 - 3 600 CZK
1 600 - 1 900 CZK
Set sewing
900 CZK
Annual administrative fee
1 200 CZK
2 500 - 6 000 CZK
Excochleation depending on size and quantity
from 600 CZK
Sněžení na podporu růstu vlasů (10 sessions)
2 500 CZK
Fillers Aliaxin
5 000 - 6 500 CZK
7 000 CZK
Carboxytherapy (10 sessions - hair)
7 000 CZK
Carboxytherapy (1 session - other indications)
850 CZK
Intralizational application of corticoid
550 CZK


Scars after injuries, surgeries, acne
Reduction of subcutaneous fat
Circles under the eyes
Wrinkle Reduction
This healing method uses carbon dioxide medically modified to be applied with a small needle to the subcutaneous tissue.
Carboxytherapy causes better blood circulation in the treated area, better oxygen supply and collagen production. After a few minutes, the gas is transported by blood into the lungs and you breathe it out naturally.
The method is safe, painless and effective quickly.
The procedure lasts 10 - 40 minutes depending on the size of the treated area.
After the procedure there is no limitation, you can immediately get involved in social life.
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Health insurance companies we cooperate with

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