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Ambicare Prague 6
Our patients have a name, not a number. An individualized healing approach for everyone. The top medical professionals in our modern surgeries will do everything for your health.

Ambicare Clinic - Prague 6

We are a modern medical facility specializing in skin problems and psychotherapy. In our clinic's departments, we place great emphasis on an individualized treatment approach for each patient. Our physicians and psychologists are among the leading experts in their fields. They have chosen the relaxed atmosphere of the Ambicare clinic over the hectic environment of hospitals. Almost a family-like environment helps patients feel comfortable and safe during the examination and during treatment itself.

Modern technologies, materials and medical practices contribute to a high percentage of our satisfied clients. Of course, we also guarantee total discretion. Forget your fears and entrust yourself to us. Skin problems, sexual disease, or psychological discomfort are not troubles you should be ashamed of. Have a meeting with us today and together we will find solutions to get you back in shape.
Ambicare Clinic - Prague 4
Is Prague 6 too far for you? Another branch of Ambicare Clinic is located in Prague 4. Equally pleasant physicians are looking forward to your visit there. We even have gynecologists, dentists and a team for oncological prevention.

Medical care branches

Do you know that the skin is the largest organ of the human body? It is no wonder, therefore, that it sometimes gives us a hard time. Do not let it make your life uncomfortable. We will solve your skin and cosmetic problems. Part of our services is also the care of the soul. A team of psychologists is ready to give you a helping hand and direct your life back on the right path.

Why choose us?

Experienced physicians

Experienced physicians

High expertise, rich experience and interest in both their field and the patient. Such are our physicians.
Premium health care

Premium health care

The patient and his satisfaction always come first. Premium care is a matter of course for us.
Almost all insurance companies

Almost all insurance companies

We are contractual partners of almost all health insurance companies except for 209 and 213.


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